Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Year - a new project

I always like to start something new during the Christmas break.
I am a little late getting started on anything this year, as a slight
interruption over Christmas (having to clean and repaint our Colorbond roof) intervened. I was the ground crew on call.

Anyway, that job being done, I was itching to get going on a pattern I had
bought "Merry Go Round" by American Jane patterns. I had collected Moda
Porcelain Jelly Rolls for the job, but as usual I had bought two
(not the three listed) and thought I would supplement from my stash.

Me being myself, didn't quite read the instructions fully, and found that
the strips had to be sewn together in pairs (a longish explanation needed).
So, first unpick of the year followed.

I have now pieced together 71 of the 98 units, and am now assembling some more sets.
Hope you like it.

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